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Welcome to Toledo Family Pharmacy

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We are a family owned and operated business specializing in old fashioned customer care. We strive to deliver the best pharmacy value without compromising the quality of care, prized by our patients. With a high priority on pharmaceutical care, one-on-one patient counseling and medication management, our goal is to deliver quality health care to our patients – from long-term care residents to infants.


We accept all major insurance plans. We offer highly competitive prices for medications that may not be covered by insurance.

   Our pharmacists are always available to answer all your questions and concerns by phone, fax or email.

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Do any of these questions describe your situation?

Are you struggling to cover the cost of your medications?

  • If you have insurance, Toledo Family Pharmacy has the lowest copay rates for most insurance plans
  • If you do not have insurance, we are able to match or beat the price of medications

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Are you struggling to get to the pharmacy to pick-up your medications or a loved one’s?

  • Toledo has a hassle free, FREE Delivery service that delivers during store hours. Click this link to learn how to enroll in this service

Are you worried about the number of medications you take and possible side-effects?

  • Toledo Family Pharmacy’s pharmacists are willing to review all of your medications with you in person or over the phone. They will educate you on your medications, look for ways to reduce the number of medications you take, and look for issues.

Are you struggling to keep your medications or a loved-one’s medications organized?

  • Toledo Family Pharmacy can manage your pillbox for you. We can package all of your medications together by day and time in simple and easy to use blister packs for FREE

Are you or your loved one struggling to take the right medication at the right time all of the time?

  • Toledo Family Pharmacy is your medication specialists! We have a number of ways to help ensure you are following your doctor’s orders 100% of the time. Learn more about our services below:
    • Adherence clinic
    • Medication synchronization
    • Medication packaging

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